Machinery Condition Monitoring with the Oil-Plus® Analysis System
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 Our facilities operate in accordance with International Standards for Quality Management and use state-of-the- art testing equipment that complies to ISO, ASTM and LMOA requirements.

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“What if there was a way that you could ‘see’ inside your engine without tearing it apart?”
What if you could save money on engine or transmission repair bills?
What if you could change from on-demand to scheduled vehicle maintenance?
At Ramatek…We care. 
  • We care about preventive maintenance for your vehicle/machinery. 
  • We care about helping you save money on vehicle maintenance.
  • We work with you, our customer, to create predictive maintenance programs.

As an advanced technology company in the field of machinery fluids analysis, Ramatek Inc. supports the transportation industry with state-of-the-art, professional fluids analysis services.  Ramatek Inc. has an established history of expertise in the railroad, automotive and marine industries and is dedicated to supporting machinery performance and customer satisfaction. 

We offer a complete line of machinery fluids analysis.  We can test the fluids for any vehicle or machinery that uses petroleum-based products.  Our analysis services include: engine oils, transmission fluids, brake fluids, engine coolants, hydraulic and gear lubricants and differential fluids. 

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We make results understandable.  Our detailed analysis reporting is clearly interpreted for you and, if you wish, personal consultation is available by phone with every report. 

We have high standards.  Our facilities are operated in accordance with International Standards for Quality Management and our finely calibrated testing equipment complies with ISO, ASTM and LMOA requirements. 

We tailor programs to meet your needs.  Whether you need an analysis on a single fluid sample or you are monitoring the machinery health of an entire fleet of vehicles, we have a program for you.

We communicate directly with our customers.  We provide a secure website database for you, our client.  A personal ID number and a password is all you need to get your analysis report on line.  Reports are normally available within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the samples.  If your report indicates the possibility of a potentially serious problem, we notify you immediately.

We help you track your analysis history.  Our reporting system allows you to access the results of previous tests – not just your new results - so that you can track the degree of changes in conditions over time.

We provide fluids analysis services for a wide range of machinery.  We perform fluids analysis tests for automobiles and big rig trucks, locomotives and watercraft inboard motors, RV motor homes and motorcycles and everything in between. 

We even test fluids from lawn mowers and snowmobiles.

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