Machinery Condition Monitoring with the Oil-Plus® Analysis System
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Heavy Equipment
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 Our facilities operate in accordance with International Standards for Quality Management and use state-of-the- art testing equipment that complies to ISO, ASTM and LMOA requirements.

Benefits of Oil Analysis

Peace of Mind

Many times the only way to “see” inside is to take a picture with a special camera like, perhaps, an x-ray machine.  Fluids analysis lets you “see” a big part of what the inside of your engine is doing...without tearing it apart. Don’t you deserve peace of mind?


Many customers save time and save money on costly repairs.  Oil Analysis lets you make maintenance decisions on minor issues to prevent major breakdowns and lost itme. Don’t you deserve to save your money for other things?

It’s like taking out insurance in a bottle

You insure your home, don’t you?  You insure your car?  How about taking one small but hugely important step in the maintenance of your vehicle and have your oil analyzed?  We recommend that you have your oil analyzed every time you have your oil changed.  It’s easy.  Just ask your technician for a sample and deliver it to Ramatek Inc.

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