Machinery Condition Monitoring with the Oil-Plus® Analysis System
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Heavy Equipment
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 Our facilities operate in accordance with International Standards for Quality Management and use state-of-the- art testing equipment that complies to ISO, ASTM and LMOA requirements.

What if there was a way that you could "see" inside your engine without tearing it apart?

What if you could save money on engine or transmission repair bills?

What if you could change from on-demand to scheduled vehicle maintenance?

What's our secret?

Our Oil-Plus® fluids analysis system is designed to protect your engine. It measures wear metals and contaminants in your oil and tracks your results.  

Our personal professional touch is customer driven. Each Oil-Plus® report is reviewed and interpreted by qualified personnel and consultation with our expert is free.

Ramatek Inc. has the exclusive rights to the Oil-Plus® machinery health monitoring system, which can be applied to cars, trucks, boats, locomotives, cranes, and even motorcycles and lawnmowers.


Reduce your fleet maintenance costs with machinery condition monitoring. 

Be proactive with regular Oil-Plus® checkups and save time and money. This program can prevent serious damage or major failures, and reduce lubrication and maintenance costs.


 This could happen to you!



Why should I ask for fluids analysis? 

  Fluids Analysis is the machinery maintenance of the future. It supplements your scheduled maintenance program and helps you prevent and predict possible problems.


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