Machinery Condition Monitoring with the Oil-Plus® Analysis System
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 Our facilities operate in accordance with International Standards for Quality Management and use state-of-the- art testing equipment that complies to ISO, ASTM and LMOA requirements.

Why Choose Ramatek?

We are the only lab that uses the Oil-Plus™ SYSTEM.  This system is the brain behind it all!

We are the only lab that tests for 22 independent variables that could be contaminating your oil and your engine.
If there was no Oil-Plus™, your test results would be just a hodge-podge of meaningless numbers.  Oil-Plus™ integrates the data so that your results have meaning and can be interpreted.  Every analysis is computer generated and then verified by an on-site petroleum engineer.

What is Oil-Plus®™?

The Oil-Plus™ system is a predictive maintenance engine oil analysis program.  This computerized program provides automatic surveillance and engine health monitoring.  This program has been trademarked by in both Canada and the US and is proprietary to Ramatek Inc. 

Did you know ... Professional Fluids Analysis can prevent serious damage or major failures and
can reduce lubrication and maintenance costs?

The Oil-Plus™ system is a machinery health monitoring program.  This enhanced oil analysis procedure provides computerized analytical automatic surveillance of machinery health conditions.  It is designed to prevent serious mechanical equipment damage and major mechanical failures. 

By reducing your overall workload and maintenance costs, professional fluids analysis services can save you time and money.

Oil-Plus™ is a software package that controls the operation of the workstations in the laboratories.  It consists of a number of complex computer programs which are integrated into a powerful operating system. This operating system enables the translation of information that serves to give both predictive and preventive maintenance indicators.

IF you can predict what will need attention under your hood, you can budget the time and the money for the repairs/maintenance.
If you can prevent engine malfunctions, you can potentially save thousands of dollars.

The Oil-Plus™ system identifies four categories of machinery condition. 
They are “Normal”, meaning no apparent problems, “Abnormal”, which indicates a minor problem that can be left until the next inspection, “Critical”, showing a serious problem that needs immediate attention, and “Destructive”, which means the equipment is in a catastrophic state and must be shut down at once.  Furthermore, each report is manually reviewed for accuracy and interpretation.

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